[product generation] giving away free stuff - Solving "the traffic problem" very simply

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    Hello fellaz,
    I know there are many out there starting with this Internet marketing stuff but having enormous problems getting enough traffic! I have been discussing this with a really experienced marketer and all I have to say (again) is: This guy is damn right!

    Why is there a problem with getting traffic? In every niche there are so many competitors especially ..the evergreen niches! All marketers have their standard content and standard offer etc. so it's hard to gain attention...

    The key to getting really traffic is to get known. Getting known is not being achieved by posting the same stuff over and over again, rehashing old material or using the same CPA offers all the other marketers have been using!!

    Look, I'm really into the "info product generation" typa thing! It's great, u can make big bank and I'm currently learning a lot of stuff regarding to that so this might be interesting for all marketers who want to create their own product:

    COME UP WITH SOMETHING DIFFERENT, INNOVATION is the key brothers! Thats why- pick a niche you are good in / your passion is ;) But not only that, in order to get some kinda popularity ..unique content is really really helpful coz it makes you stand up from the crowd...the other part of it is to GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF! as simple as it sounds..now what are the reasons to give away free material of yours? simple:

    If you post online quality content regularly and the stuff is really working people will SEE that your products are the shit, right? there are several aspects behind doing this - of course I'm going to dig a bit deeper in the whole psychology thing...as always haha

    first off there is this neat thing called reciprocity! without getting too technical in here i'm going to tell you in a straight forward way what it is -
    if you give away somebody something for free he gets the feeling that he has to do something in order to be even with you. for instance if you give away some free stuff the probability of the consumer buying your stuff is really increased!!!!!!

    building trust
    if you post regularly the user will get to know you and your material. you are building some kinda BRAND and the people are going to trust you cause you are not some other random dude who is trying to scam them ;) this will ultimately lead to:

    becoming more known in the community

    the costumers in your niche will be noticing you, your brand and your name. You will take a "high rank" in the scene :)

    intriguing/building desire
    if your content is really helpful (producing actually results) it will make the users curious! they will get more of your stuff to make their lives even better whcih is a great thing for both - marketers and costumers. i do believe in karma so scamming people will not go really well (especially with this 'method' i've been posting here) ;) People are getting psyched for your product and when it hits the market your sales are going through the roof!

    I hope that this post could motivate people to contribute to their niches and start thinking more innovatevly to leave the competition behind :) If you have any questions or something don't hesitate and post them here , we are all here to discuss and learn :)

    have fun!