Process & Ideas On Correctly Changing Websites Hosting

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    Hey BHW Member,

    I'd like your input on the BEST way to change a site of mines hosting over without loosing it's rankings in the serps.

    I'm not new online but when it comes to techie stuff and hosting i'm not sure the proper process.

    A site/blog of mine, it's a blogger blog with it's OWN unique domian BUT it's HOSTED ON A RESELLER ACCOUNT so shared hosting, and I'd like to change the site/domain to a non shared account.

    Sure could use input from experienced BHW members on this as I don't want to screw this up and loose site rankings or position.

    Much appreciate your help.
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    Make sure you back up everything and get the site set up and working first. Usually you can get to the site with the IP#/~account_name. If the site is set up properly and running normally you only need to change the DNS info and let it change over the next hour to 48 hours. Sometimes it can be quick, and some areas are just dead slow.
    Making sure that the accounts overlap is the main thing when switching providers, so there is no downtime when the site is not available. This will keep you from having any problems.