Problems with tumblr support. What's your experience?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by KLANN, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Hi all,
    is that anybody have ever had any trouble dealing with tumblr support?
    I mean from what I'm experiencing right now, it seems the tumblr support is made of a bunch of noobs who does't even know the meaning of spam and they ban randomly.
    My 2 blogs are been blocked with this message as specification:
    "We've terminated your Tumblr accounts at for spam or affiliate marketing. Per the policies you agreed to when creating your account, Tumblr prohibits such activity."​
    I just replied them that actually we do not think we did spam neither did affiliate marketing.
    I mean spam is "unsolicited electronic mail sent in this way". Considering a wider mean we could apply to social netowrks in the way someone send continously messaged to other's accounts. But this is not my case: i just posted on my blogs and never on others blogs. So the spam cannot be the right motivation since who wants to see my post just have not but to follow me.
    The second motivationI think it could be relaed to the fact that my images link directly to my website in which there are some banners and images with referal id sending to paid sites. but this would be just indirectly affiliate marketing. Otherwise I think it could be related to the banners of juicy ads I put on my blogs. But as far as I knew only pulgrush was not allowed on tumblr and no problems with the others. Is something changed or it was always been like this and it was just a matter of time before being terminated?
    If this is the right motivation I would say 2 things:
    one is that since the 90% of tumblr's users have banners with affiliation marketing ID, tumblr itself should quit now.
    second one, and I highlighted them, in the tems and condition's page there is nothing written about affiliate marketing.
    do you have any advise or are willing to share your experience ?
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    They don't accept affiliate and ads on adult niche unless you have your own custom domain. Also all other niche can be accepted for advertisement but with limited links.
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    I have not had any problem with tumblr,
    but I think support for anything related to tumblr is kind of lacking.
    I had the hardest time getting my site together, and I had quite a few people telling me I should switch to a
    more website ready host!

    Just hang in there and create a new account.
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    Sometimes they respond in all detail, sometimes not. It's become very eratic.