problem with gsa and email

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    Nov 30, 2016
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    i use catchall and the same domains for multiple projects.
    also i use the same pop3 for 30 projects.

    what happens is that i get some weird errors in gsa and when i chedk verification emails they are in trash bin but they are not verified yet! i click on them and it always says thanks for verification blabla then i click them again and it tells its verified already, so obviously the software didnt verify it before putting it in BIN.

    i turned off the feature that removes emails after verifying them in gsa.
    now they seem to be verified and not removed. i dont know if there are still any exceptions to this rule
    but it seems to be temporary fix as ill be getting 20k emails per day and i doubt gsa will know which one is for which project if there are 100 emails from the same domain!

    now each time it verifies its like "parsing 3000 emails" it makes things way too long, any ideas?