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Thread Approved.
Used the panel and the likes/endorsements were sent very quickly.

Thanks for the approval. The process was very smooth. Stay active with your new engagement so your retention will stay high! We have an average 1-5% drop in some services. This is because, the users are real and we cannot force their accounts to perform certain actions. We can only create promotions and 100% guarantee that you will get what you paid for. But, if you stay active and interact with your new audience, you will notice a higher retention!

**Also, all services have a warranty so don't worry. You'll always be covered.

Just registered, looks great.
Username : egzoncfc

I saw it! Thank you. Just got your order as well, please note if you have any questions at all, benefit from our LIVE chat! (Our average response time is 15 seconds!)

NO MATTER WHAT. If you ever have any issue with any order, please let us know. It is our job to guarantee that you get what you paid for. Although we rarely have issues, just please don't hesitate to make us work to keep you as a client!
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This panel looks great and prices are pretty low ! I would like to try it, so, if i can get 1$ for free :) Username: Azmog

Edit: 1$ received :) Thank you, i'll try it asap

Added. Welcome to!

Registered. Can i try credit? User: chobo

Of course you can! Added! Enjoy.

Signed up
username: mortemreborn

Perfect! Done.

Signed up
username: moussa077

Added! Thank you.

Just registered, looks great.
Username : CornQLF

I'm glad you like it! Added!

Looka great. Good luck

A review copy to test youtube services please ! 2$

Username : soccerstars

Will do. Thank you! Done.

Username: LarryPDB

Thanks Larry, done.

This looks really really cool, hope this is the last panel lol.

User: terrycody

thx for the service!

Thank you Terry! All added.

Hi wanna try out this service, registered on your site as: szachi

Got it, thank you! Let me know if you have any questions!


Username : lebumcrimp

Thanks! What services did you test out? Hope you liked them!




Added. Thank you!

Username: byronwilde

All done. Have a great day!

Username: lorenzto

Thank you. Added

**FYI I can only reply to this once every 24 HOURS. Please note, when you comment your username, funds are usually added within 2-3 minutes as I am observing the thread all day! Thank you everyone and I hope to earn your business!
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