Private proxies/socks only need 30min on each. 20-30 a day. How?


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Mar 4, 2014
I know there is a similar thread to this, but it does not really answer my question

All the private services I can find require you to purchase each proxy for a month but I only need each one for like 30 minutes. It would be crazy to pay for a month when I can only use it once. Also, most are a mix and I need all US. I will not be spamming with them.

Public will not work for what I'm doing either.

What is a solution?
It would depend on how many you need, but the shortest duration I've ever seen is daily, and usually weekly. I don't know if they'd meet the USA only requirement though, and if they did it would be pretty costly to be quite honest.
Could you refer me to a place with a daily/weekly rate? I'm trying to get them to the .25-.50 range. Paying $1+ each just isn't equitable for me.
Hey I'm sorry, I somehow missed in the title where you said you would only need 20-30 per day. If you would need them everyday of the month that would equal out to 600-900 proxies you'd need throughout the month. If that's the case, there's a much better chance of getting them for the price you're looking for. Let's say you needed 30 proxies per day x 30 days in the month = 900 proxies @ $0.50 = $450 monthly budget. You'd be cutting it pretty close, and I know you said you don't need them all month, but if buy them in bulk you may be able to come in around your budget price. You'd buy them all up front and then just peel off 30 new ones from your list each day. Who knows, maybe you'll find another use for them throughout the month since you'll have them anyway.

The only places I know that sell daily packages don't sell country specific ones, so that wouldn't help you there. I think you'd find you'll have the best chance at coming in around your budget price if you buy them all at once in bulk. Ask around though, maybe someone can put together a custom package for you.
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