private accounts with millions of followers?


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Jul 28, 2016
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Hey, check out @someone or @fella or @Unreliable on Tik Tok.
It's not advertising. They have hundred of k's of followers or millions, no profile photo, and verified account.
How did they do it?
They pay small amount to influencers for promoting their accounts. And the owners of private accounts , presumably, use SMM panels to boost the specific video. In such way they have a lesser chance of getting banned/shadowbanned since the main source of followers come from other accounts promoting them on their videos not from their own videos. If you ask me this is kinda smart - create organic buzz around yourself and while initially post content that might seem private or creepy, you can use it afterwards for CPA or promoting offers. A big deal here is that they have verified accounts, therefore creating as much credibility as possible with a private account. However this method requires some initial investment - verified accounts usually go for around $1-2k and paying to influencers and SMM panels might be extra.