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    I have a guy that needs help rankings 15 videos for his wordpress sites on youtube. What would you guys recommend for the pricing, and how should I go about the seo? Blog comments, backlinks, etc? Anyone with experience please help! Thank you.
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    Great question bh9889,

    Your level of experience (or really your client's perception of your level of experience) will be a key factor in determining how much you can charge. Hourly rates span from 20-50 dollars at the low end to around 100 - 150 dollars per hour at the high end for SEO services. There are some professionals that can command up to 1000 dollars per hour. Your rates are heavily dependent on the industry within which you are working, who your clients are and what the information is worth to them. For instance a small local business probably won't be willing to pay 550 dollars an hour for SEO services. A huge law firm with 10,000 employees on the other hand may see that fee as a drop in the bucket.

    In my experience, I have found that a flat rate combined with an hourly one works best. Determine what you hourly rate would be, estimate how long it would take you to optimize these videos to be able to deliver the results you promise your client and then multiply that by how long it will take; present this as the flat fee. Undoubtedly your client will come up with something else for you to do. This is where novices often get shafted. A client will say "Oh I heard this is good for SEO can you do it real quick?" and before you know it you have done 2 or 3 hours of free work. To avoid this you must manage client expectations. Make it clear what he is receiving for your flat fee and that anything else will be billed at your hourly rate.

    If you are just starting out I would suggest not scaring off your client with high rates. This way you can make some cash and still build a name for yourself.

    As far as tactics for ranking videos, many that are used for ranking a website still apply. Keywords in title, description, and tags are necessary. Make sure the file name of the video is actually the keyword phrase you want to rank for and not something arbitrary like Client_video_223. Try uploading to different platforms as well like Vimeo, Veoh, and Daily Motion.

    This post from SEOMoz has some good information on billing for SEO services,

    This post also from SEOMoz has some excellent tips on optimizing videos,

    Good luck!

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    great answer.
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    Video may have killed the radio star, but it also opened the door so that anyone can be a star. Even your business. Learn to effectively market using video and watch your sales take off.