previous owner wants his domain back


Oct 10, 2013
bought domain on GD auctions. months later previous owner contacts me, saying he wants his domain back. he says he can pay and i should make him an offer.
it's his and when he owned the domain, it wasn't being used for business purposes, it was just a stupid blog that probably made him no money.

how much can I get for this? what would be a fair price?
Only you can decide how much you want for it. If you have no use for it and he does I will be genuine and possibly sell it back to him and make back what you paid for it plus a little extra.
start with something high say $2000 , then come down gradually .
If he is really a Kind person, Just get the transfer fee and send his domain :)
You'll feel good :)
What were you going to use it for? Does it have good metrics? I've had this happen to me a couple of times and usually just give it back for what I paid. Unless it something REALLY worth keeping it probably isn't worth the headache.
Just double the cost you paid for it with fees and everything included. I'm all for being a nice guy, but you have to factor in what your time and effort was worth to research and track it down to begin with. You are offering him the service of securing the domain he let go.
Ask him how much is the domain worth to him, just try to find his price range. If he says $x,xxx then charge him maybe 1k more than what he offered lol.

If its low then I would just take what he offers unless its really low.

Just dont sell yourself short :)
I wonder why you need someone's first name last for even if it was available on an auction? Now there is that someone asking it back, make sure his name matches the domain name and give it back for whatever amount is fine for both. :)

If he is a celebrity, then it's another story. :D
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As others have stated, have him make an offer and counter it by 10-20 what he offered.
If hes going to just blog on it you should try to exchange for a permanent homepage link from him. Better than a PBN.

That's a really interesting approach. You could even target expiring blogs for this purpose. This would give you either free ad space or a PBN you never have to update.
So you have this as part of your 'Pbn' and yet apparently your pbn is down as you forgot to renew your hosting before you actually built the pbn.

Is their actually a domain ?
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