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May 7, 2009
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I'm pretty embarrassed to ask this but, how would I upload a file, that users would be able to download by going to it? Like a direct download link that websites have. Thanks for the help. :)
It's better if you create special directory like: download then upload your files to that directory.
1. Upload the file
2.Chmod it to 755, it depends on how you configured the cpanel but usually this works
3. Download link must be domain/where you out the file
if its an EXE file just load it up and link to it and it auto downloads (after users click yes)

Sorry guys, but i'm still kind of confused.

Do i have to chmod?

How would I do so with the hostgator version of cpanel?
Do you have file legacy manager, or file manager under your Cpanel?
I think you can do it from there, but I am not sure
If not you can do it through ftp
As long as you don't upload your files in the public folder, cause that is the folder
your websites go into
Make a Private folder and upload your files into that one, cause that is what I did
when I transfered my domain to a new host.
Uploaded my backup zip and put it in there
You can also upload it through ftp using filezilla (that's how I did it)
I forgot after you get your file uploaded, go into your Cpanel and double click your legacy manager, or file manager and go into it
Go to your new folder (the one you uploaded) and find you file exe, rar, zip, ect...
and double click it. Now I don't know how your host is but mine will display a menu to the
What you do is copy the link location of the one that say's download, and give you buddy, or who ever that link to download.
Now sure about all the host, but that is how mine is setup
I imagine yours would be the same
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