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Press Releases VenomSEOpro Report All About

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by beeHWfan, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. beeHWfan

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    Aug 30, 2010
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    First let me say I have been very pleased with VenomSEObot and Pro. Reinrein and Greengoblin are always there and they are working very hard to help us get the most success possible.

    That said I see press releases as a hard area of automation. The good thing about Venom is it is going to have the customizability needed to overcome some of the tough challeges these sites are putting up.

    Now to the report**

    Ok this report was created over a few days. After manually signing up for around 45 press release sites, creating profiles, and trying to post, did I mention manually? I think I have learned some things to overcoming the obstacle of getting press releases live quickly as possible.

    For anyone wondering the purpose of press release they are thus.

    1. When you start a new business you may call the newspaper and pay for an ad to talk about your company. this is the same for web press releases. If you intend to utilize press releases you should not be making spam sites, autoblogs, etc. Press Releases are used if you are launching product, service, etc.

    2. Out of over 40 sites I tested only 1 of them allows press release without manual review. Which after this report they will probably change it because it is the only one left and they will get pounded, pay the price or change.

    3. Many sites are requiring more information. Many of these press release sites are actually wanting you to have phone, fax, address, etc. They want you to be a real business.

    4. In addition to manual review most are also limiting amount of releases per account to 1 to 3 for free accounts then you must pay.

    5. In part this is good news because it means that press releases will contain more authority, it just means if you want to use them you have to plan from the beginning to set up all the contact and really make it look like your site is an actual business. CPA products I think work good for this.

    Sometimes Venom email verify doesn't work 100%. Do not delete emails.

    Must verify within 24 hrs for some.

    Every email verification is not the same for every site. Sometimes you have to type in a verification code.

    The first list is the list of successes meaning venom was able to post. Only one was able to go live with out any type of review.
    www.seenation.com success
    www.addpr.com Venom does not show link. Addpr must approve your release. they offered paid account that allows mulitple posting must pass inspection though must be quality.
    www.way2pressrelease.com venom will post but must pass manual review. Also must change username to email
    The reason for failure is listed with the site. Not all are perfectly exact in why or what happened but I did my best.

    www.betanews.com could not register manually
    www.freepressrelease.com works manually only venom no go.
    www.impactwire.com delisted?
    www.noidites.info post goes into pending status. site shows 90000 in pending.
    www.prbot.com captcha will not solve through venom
    www.release-news.com must be manually approved, venom does not detect entry and will reenter story more than once.
    www.bookmypr.com must go through 2 pages to post and manual review plus capthca not work through venom. They also require more information than normal, contact info etc.
    www.upvery.com. require description under 200 words, news body over 500 words, they review ALL posts.
    www.directionsmag.com venom gives no response to posting.
    www.prsync.com will not post
    www.lets-find-out.com will not post does create account
    www.pressrelize.com website not working
    www.pressmethod.com venom fail loading login page
    www.cgidir.com submit articles page not working
    www.blinkpr.com unkown failure
    www.clickpress.com will not post even with activating account must be reviewed manually as well
    www.ecommwire.com venom fail to log in
    www.fastpitchnetworking.com will not display PR publicly without paid account
    listed as freepr venom will not post
    www.freepr.com will not post
    www.freepressindex.com will not post will not allow links in free press release
    guidepr venom will not logon
    www.i-newswire.com venom cannot login must pass manual verify
    www.learnmore.com could not find site
    monsterp could not lode site
    www.pressrelease4all.com website very slow not worth it.
    www.multipressrelease.com site not responding.
    www.pressreleseacer.com site not responding
    pralley pressreleasealley site not responding
    prbay pressreleasebay site not responding
    prcarrier.com site not responding
    www.pressreleasedemon.com site not responding prdemon.com not a pressrelease site
    www.pressbooth.org site not responding
    www.prmarker.com site not responding
    www.prpedia.com venom not loading page very poor site responding very slow
    www.prtake.com site not responding
    www.prurgent.com will not display any press release without valid contact address and phone and manual review and no articles or promotional posts.
    www.prwindow.com will not log in
    www.prvault.com not responding or very slow
    publicrelations? could not find site
    www.submitfreepr.com could not log on
    www.targetwire.com could not receive confirmation email
    www.uspwire.com venom report success. could not verify url.
  2. GreenGoblin

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    we have a update coming today or tomorrow :) thanks for the report
  3. SweTech

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    Apr 22, 2011
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    Stockholm, Sweden
    Thnx mate.

    Interesting information. However, I am sure the report will look completely different after the next update :)
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  4. beeHWfan

    beeHWfan Regular Member

    Aug 30, 2010
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    do it all
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    I agree me too.