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Press Release review

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by mdhawt, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. mdhawt

    mdhawt Regular Member

    Feb 18, 2009
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    NC USA
    i have never written a press release and would like constructive criticism or observations please
    thanks a lot

    For Immediate Release

    Changing the economy one resume at a time, an executive recruiter with a 25 year reputation puts it on the line after writing and then giving away a free resume guide at http://xxx.FreeResumeSecretsxcom for help and direction for those in the unenviable position of looking for work in today's economy.

    "After the positive feedback I received as a recruiter helping people structure their resume.", says Michael Xxxxxxx, the author, "I realized I have a wealth of information I can share with everyone".

    It quickly became apparent with our current economy that now was the time to get this information out. Easily worth 50-100 dollars if sold in hard cover but the traditional publishing investments were prohibitive and would force the retail price up. We were faced with a huge dilemma. "How do we share this far and wide but not find ourselves broke after start up costs?"

    Because we knew wanted to give this information away to the people, we brainstormed about alternative distribution methods. Ultimately we found a solution that would help us to help America. When you visit http://xxx.FreeResumeSecetsxcom you can qualify for a free download of Resume Secrets after selecting an offer from over 2000 national advertisers who have awesome deals to help you save money on their goods and services. For example , the reader accepts an unrelated marketing pitch, such as taking out a new credit card or spending $65 at Gap Inc., and then they get the free download of "Resume Secrets"

    The problem solved, http://xxx.FreeResumeSecetsxcom was launched. It contains pertinent resume-related information in an easy-to-understand tone and style written by someone who knows. And the e-book is designed to provide the easiest access to the information users need most on their resumes. If someone is searching for cover letter information, then there is a chapter for that. With over XXX pages of pricless information your resume will have a new life and your job search prospects will definitely become brighter.

    This is a no brainer for any laid off, out of work or unhappy soul who desires a better resume.

    About the author of FreeResumeSecretsxcom: Michael Xxxxxxx is the owner of http://xxx.FreeResumeSecrets.com, a web site devoted to assisting candidates in the job-search process. Michael holds a B.S. in Business from Siena College, Albany NY and has authored several books.


    additional info that can be incorporated

    Michael has over twenty-five years of Executive Search and Leadership Consulting service to United States organizations.Michael has also engaged in various human resources consultation activities including strategic planning, succession planning, organizational development and analysis, human resources research, prevailing wage analysis, and executive coaching services for individuals making career transitions. Michael has acted as an adviser to over 1500 professionals in their career development.
    any pr writersdistributors feel free to contact me can
  2. tengallonhat

    tengallonhat Newbie

    Oct 15, 2008
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    Looks pretty good. The only thing I would say is when you write press releases you need to think of the reverse pyramid. All of your important facts go up top. The reason is if this article gets picked up by someone for reprint and they only have so much space to publish it, then the things at the bottom get chopped. So your opening paragraph is the most important thing. So, is it more important that you are offering a free guide or that you opened a website? That's a question you have to answer. And, you can write a press release for each event.