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I had a free 500MB trial and here is my verdict.
Since it seemed promising, I really hoped it would be good especially since I spend loads of money with Oxy and BD where the GB costs double than here.
Especially since the mobile connections have the same cost as well.

Unfortunately I got disappointed.
I tested several types of proxies in several countries.
Oftentimes when I created a new port, I only got the response "HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required". This never went away and the port was unusable.

In certain cases when I created a certain proxy, I got the IP from another type.
For example, I created a residential proxy but when I made a request, the IP was from a datacenter.
Or when I created a mobile proxy, the IP I got was residential.

Generally speeds were extremely low compared to Oxy and BD.
When used with a browser, often times the side took minutes to load and ultimately did not load completely.

Lastly, they only support crypto payments even though the website mentions payments through cards.

All this combined does not realy make it useful for me.
With the scale of automation I run, every request should work and not that I have to figure out first if the proxy is good or not.

If you don't have a lot of budget and you can deal with things not working, then this could be a solution for you.
After all you can get mobile IPs from many countries for a cheap price.
You just have to make it work.
This is not a scam as some people called it, they provide the services and there are worse providers out there.

One upside was that the support always replied quickly but I don't want to troubleshoot all the time, I just want a stable product that works all the time.

We wanted to thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

We are sorry to hear that in the end you will no longer use our services, but still can recommend them.

Speed of a particular proxy is depended on location and type of the proxy. As for payments - initial payment is indeed crypto-only, but after the first payment there are options for using cards to deposit extra funds.

Have any questions? Ask us there!

[email protected]
Support 24/7:
Refund policy
A refund is possible if you spent less than $1 and applied within 3 days.
The refund transaction may take up to 14 days.
The refund transaction may take up to 14 days.​
Hey! I'm interested in testing out your resi proxy pool for a scraping project. Please shoot me the code!
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