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wondering: what would you suggest i use if i'm wanting to manage several google accounts and want the same ip each time so as to not raise any flags? also, do you have a discount code?
I need residential proxies from Germany.

Woild it be possilbe to select them by zip code?
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Where is top country proxies? Like USA, canada?
QibZHl.jpg – is unlimited fast residential proxies for you and your business.
* For all new users we offer a free test drive - 200MB


· Over 70К legitimate whitelisted IP-addresses
· 141 countries
· 99.7% Uptime
· HTTP/S & SOCKS4/5 protocols
· Total anonymity - Logging is missing, proxy-servers ACDE confronts such methods of detection like DNS Service discovery and TCP stack fingerprints
· High response times; 0.4 sec
· Be registered on the website and get access to proxy right after enter your email and password
· 7-day free trial

Currently we accept payments in cryptocurrencies (right now only in BTC) with instant transfer to your wallet

Tariff plans
Minimal: 20GB / 39$ month
Standart: 50GB / 75$ month
Premium: 100GB / 119$ month
VIP: 350GB / 349$ month

For all the details and pricing plans (from 20 till 1024Gb) - visit our

Get a 30% discount!
Ask for your promo code on

Refund policy
72 hours Money Back according to the spent traffic of the purchased tariff.

Not found Top country proxies. Like USA, Canada
I also wanna try free test if still possible.
wondering: what would you suggest i use if i'm wanting to manage several google accounts and want the same ip each time so as to not raise any flags? also, do you have a discount code?

We recommend you to choose "keep proxy" option when you are generating proxy. With this option the same proxy will be alive as soon as it possible.
Unfortunately we have no discounts at current step, but if you will contact us here or contact our support and tell them that you are from BHW - we will perform a free trial for you

Just too slow, sorry.
we have performed few improvements and we hope that you will check them

I need trail first
Can i get any discount or trial? Please let me know
I also wanna try free test if still possible.
I would like to have free trial. Is IP authorised?
Can I get a trial and discount code?
German proxies available?

can i have a trail first please
Discount pls and can i pay by USDT
Discount please

Dear all!

Please contact us here in DM or contact our support on chat on site and we will provide a 200mb free trial for all BHW users

Where is top country proxies? Like USA, canada?
Unfortunately we have no Canada proxies right now, but soon we will add them.
USA proxies are available


Dear users,

We have several updates.


Pay as you go: $0/month – $3/Gb

The service doesn't charge at the end of the month – you pay when you use it.

Instant payment with cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, TRC20).

The 30% discount is over.

We don't provide a free 200MB trial, hopefully you will enjoy a $3 per GB pricing.

The official ASocks thread will be shortly updated.

Thank you for using ASocks.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

Telegram support:
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