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Guys, currently we have problems with account replenishment using Ukrainian cards as the government has set limitations on monthly spendings. Now we are trying to solve this, we are sorry that you need to wait, this is a force majeure situation.
To avoid any limitations better choose an option to use USA card, there are no limitations.
If that's a case that you are forced to wait, we will give you a bonus
Hi another review,
I paid over £1500 and spent + £300 on ads. The first £150 was for “warming up” but the next £150 has still hasn’t been topped up. I believe I have made a mistake.

They take ages to reply back and topping up the account. It has been a week and we still haven’t been able to run a campaign. They keep having issues We cannot run a business like this, I will be opening up a shitlist thread now as this service is very intermittent and want a FULL refund. They can keep the topup fees but want my full ad account back.
Hi, let us solve this please. We'll solve this today 100%. You've received everything you paid for, the issue is about top up, Google doesn't want to charge the card, we'll change the payment method. I know that it shouldn't be your problem, we'll compensate for the damage associated with waiting. Sorry
Just here to leave an honest review,

Purchased 2 aged accounts from Hustlersshop and had a negative experience with both.

So for one the accounts didn't come with RDP or VCC like the post says. He also says on his website that the accounts are threshold, even in a previous reply to someone he says this. Both accounts were prepay accounts, not postpaid. ~ He Claims theres a $440 minimum for thresholds. (Doesn't mention this anywhere until after I bought and told him why they are not post)

So he transfers the accounts over, via Octobrowser transfer, so no cookies or useragent etc were touched at all. Simply transferred the account and all I had to do was attach a proxy which I did.

Shortly after adding the proxies, I went on the accounts and set up a dummy campaign for a random flower shop website. I found 2 different flower shop websites and I set up a campaign on the first account.. Boom immediately suspended. I then proceed to contact Hustlersshop and tell him that the account was suspended instantly and how I am going to try the second account. Around 10-15minutes later I sign into the second account and grab the other website I found, and set up a campaign. Different account, different website, same result = Instant ban after submitting campaign.

This makes it very clear that I was sold two accounts which were previously attached to other suspended accounts. I even have pictures I sent him after I submitted the second campaign and then 60 seconds later it gets suspended for circumventing - even with two pictures a minute apart he blames me and doesn't want to refund or replace.

Overall, bad experience and waste of money. I tried to make things right with him but he just kept bringing up excuses like my proxys or me breaking googles ToS when I didn't.. Flower Shops are well within Googles rules and would not cause an instant ban right after submitting the campaign. You would need to put a p0rn site or something really bad to get instantly banned right after submitting campaign (Or it would have to be a freshly made account which was not the case, these were from 2016/2017). I even appealed both accounts, and both were rejected within an hour.

1/10 don't recommend these accounts.

P.S I'm not a newbie to Google, I do have many other accounts running perfectly fine.
You were told that it's better to use RDP which we provide but you decided to set up things yourself. Just to prove that you're not right we'll give you another account and run your campaign ourselves and you see that everything works fine
Everything is fixed now. We've changed the cards provider so there are no limitations any more

Discounts up to 40% on accounts and our services

To get a personal offer text us a message "cybermonday"

Discounts are available till November 30
Guys, right now we have some internal team changes + blackouts all over the country. I know that it's not your problem and you just want to get what you paid for. If you are not satisfied with our work at the moment send me a message and I'll give provide you exclusive free services for free or you'll get a refund. I am very sorry. We need this month to fix all our issues. You know that we are not scammers, but yes, you face delays. For every delay you get a free service from us. I'm really upset to write this right now. If you need to to your things ASAP you better don't use our service this month because it takes time to prepare everything.

I'm very very very sorry
How long will my post stay in the Homepage? Will my posts/links get remove?
what about if account suspended ?? will you replace the account ?
This depends on type of suspension. If you use our payment method and your account gets suspended for suspicious payments then yes we will replace. We replace when our actions have caused the ban. Anyway we will guide you how to use accounts as much safe as possible, but if you use an account in a risky way and it gets banned then we don't replace
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