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Feb 17, 2009
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Need an editorial link building service that understands the importance of communication, quality and deadlines? Then we're the providers for you!

We know how hard it can be to find a provider that provides real, measurable results at a reasonable price. Our partnerships with some of the largest publishers on the web ensure that we are able to provide effective backlinks, exposure to new audiences and the measurable results that you’re looking for.

We let you pick which sites you want to be published and show you all the relevant SEO metrics and traffic data so you can make an informed decision. We handle the content creation, publisher outreach, and reporting. You get to sit back and enjoy the results of our link building services.

How long does the process usually take?
Each site has an attached turn around time. Most placements are usually completed within 2 weeks. We also work on each placement within an order at the same time. If you make an order of 5 placements that each has an expected turn around time of 2 weeks, the entire order should be completed within 2 weeks.

Does the price include content creation?
Yes, all of our placements include content. We have a large team of experienced content writers. We also employ an editorial board that makes sure each piece of content is of a high standard.

How long do you guarantee links?
Our links should remain live permanently and should never be removed. We are currently offering a 365 day money back guarantee.

Do you accept all sites/pages?
We do not accept sites/pages related to: adult, pharma, drugs, gambling and any sites that promote hate or violence. If you are unsure, reach out and we can help answer any questions you may have.

Ask Us for Site List/Pricing

Email: authorityrushseo [at]
Skype: authorityrushseo
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Approved - @AuthorityRush has a nice bunch of sites that he can access. He posted on one for us and the content was very good.

There were a bunch of links in the article to make it look as though the content was not just for our site so I would not expect much click through traffic but you do get a solid backlink.

Best of luck with sales!
Why do we have to sign up to your site for the prices/sites?

+ I have no idea how you will use my personal data as the Terms page & Privacy page links on your signup form take me to your home page, where you do not have this information.

Looks dodgy to me.
Can you pm Me site list with pricing..don't want to sign up on the site just for the list
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