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    I'd like to upgrade my premier to business PayPal so I can take payments under my business name instead of real name.

    Before doing so I'd like to know the following:

    • Can I take payments under different trade names? For instance; take a payment as Company X from person A and next invoice as Company Z to person B? If not, can I at least change trade name later?
    • I haven't registered a business yet but there's an option for individual. Will it show my name instead?

    Going to accept a couple of payments on which I don't want my real name stated. After that, I'd like to obviously keep my main account and use it for my business. Any thoughts?
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    No. The trade name that you specify when upgrading your account is the one that will be displayed to everybody who you pay or accept payments from.

    Yes, however be prepared for an instant account limitation and a full documents check (ID, address proof, company registration proof, CC proof). I have been through this process twice and this has happened both times.

    To open a business account you need to be a registered business or alternatively, a registered sole trader (with the trade name that you're planning to use). You can try your luck and just use a random name but this will result in a lot of trouble once PayPal request documents from you - and odds are that sooner or later they will.