practical joke. cool idea, or just to evil?

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What do you think of this practical joke?

  1. Cool, thats just genius

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  2. to evil, Can`t do that to other people.

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  3. Dude get a life.

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    hey people.

    i'm going to be doing some remodeling on my house in the comming month. basic things like painting and putting up wallpaper and stuff.

    Now being as evil as i am, i want to pull a practical joke on the new owner of house when i decide to sell it a few years from now.

    i`m going to strip off all the wallpaper which is on the wall now, and buy some blood coloured red paint or maybe even some real pigsblood.

    with this i`m going to paint "I WILL BE BACK TO KILL AGAIN, RIP" on the wall in Huge letters, and simply put some new wallpaper over it. maybe i`ll even add a girls name to it for some extra dramatic effect.

    I really would kill to see the look on the face of the guy who buys my house a few years from now, and he decides to put up some new wallpaper and finds those writings on the wall.
    he`ll think he bought some creepy house where somebody got killed and the killer could come back some day to finish his job..

    you guys think this is a cool practical joke, or is it just to evil? please vote on the poll.
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