Practical Ideas to Boost Conversion – 2 Case Studies

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    In today?s increasingly competitive online space you need to focus attention on boosting your conversion rate.

    The good news is, there are systematic processes for boosting your conversion. Today, we?ll take some of these processes and look at two case studies looking at sites submitted by Market Samurai users.


    An Expert Blogger Without an Income stream ? Case Study #1

    Market: Teaching children with learning disabilities


    Our first case study was submitted by Rachel, an expert in teaching children with learning disabilities. Clearly passionate about her topic, the content quality on her site is first class. However, the site has a weak call to action and isn?t yet being monetized at all, so we take a look at:

    * Beefing up your call to action response rates ? we look at how Rachel can raise opt-in rates, and get more leverage from the brilliant free report she offers. We suggest she?ll do this by changing visual layouts, ?benfitizing? the call to action (hmm ? that?s not a real word?) and ?objectifying? it, e.g. making it appear tangible.

    We also make reference to a great post by James Dyson showing some brilliant opt-in layouts).

    * Orientating visitors to reduce bounce rates ? this is a content rich site, written by a passionate author, but it fails to quickly orientate and connect with its target audience. The outcome is we expect Rachel?s site will likely suffer from a high bounce rate.
    We discuss some simple structural changes that she could use to address this.

    * Quick and easy ways to boost reader engagement by making her content ?Sell? ? Eugene insightfully walks through two simple techniques that Rachel can use to better engage visitors.

    * Firstly, he tells us how rearrange headlines and and bullet points by moving away from ?feature? lists and instead ?leading with benefits?. The trick is that we can greatly increase the impact of our copy when we engage the right hand side of the brain first with a juicy benefit and then justify it (for the left side of our brain) with a solid feature to back it up.
    Secondly, he looks at the way users often skim read rather than read in full, and how to arrange our content to maximise response from visitors who do this.

    * Techniques for testing profitability before creating your product ? Rachel is an active and expert blogger, but yet to publish her own paid information product, Eugene gives a number of techniques she can use to test the commercial viability of her market (and likely make a few dollars) before she writes her own product.

    So check out the review with this video:

    An SEO Consultant ?Doing Most Things Right? but Crippled by a ?Message to Market? Mismatch ? Case Study #2
    Market: SEO Consulting


    Our second case study was submitted by a Adarsh, an SEO consultant. Ardash gives us a great opportunity to work down our conversion checklist [link2] as his site contains a commercial call to action (he?s giving out free SEO consultations as a lead generation activity).

    At first glance, Ardash?s site seems to tick all the boxes. It?s got a clear call to action and some solid design elements. However, if we are correct, and Ardash?s major income stream is through SEO consulting and SEO services, then a number of key issues exist:

    * Boosting response by matching your message to your market ? Ardash gives away a guide to ?starting your online business?. Typically this kind of offer might appeal to non-business owners looking to start an online business out of hours.

    However, as an SEO consultant, it?s been my experience that the money is in targeting people who already run successful businesses (either offline or with a hybrid online / offline model).

    So the free offer may be poorly matched to the target market, and an offer around boosting business through SEO might make more sense.

    * Stand out in a tough market with strong niche focus ? Selling SEO services online is a very competitive space. Your offer must stand out to cut through the clutter and so we look at ways Ardash could specialise or select a niche market to improve his offer.

    * Increase conversion by testing soft vs hard offers ? He can try offering a free report, a non-threatening ?soft? offer which is great for building lists; or doing ?two step? marketing where you ask for money later.
    But if we?re correct then Ardash will make money when prospects book in a free consultation (what I call a ?hard? offer, because folks know they?ll get a phone call). If so, then Ardash may want to look at more aggressively selling the free consults both by increasing the profile of the free consult offer (it?s currently buried and obscure) and by highlighting the benefits (tell people what they?ll learn).

    * Boost sales by creating service widgets ? Clearly Ardash offers a range of SEO services, but these would be overwhelming to most prospects. By grouping the service offerings into bundles Ardash could remove confusion and boost sales.
    Finally, I should say, Ardash is very clever. He?s an SEO consultant and managed to get himself a site review on this website ? a high traffic site with lots of visitors looking for help with SEO! Hope you win a few jobs Ardash

    So check out the review by video:

    If you would like to have your site review please contact Ben & Euge!

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