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    Simple trick I have been using with my sites that I didn't see mentioned here, even though its pretty obvious lol. is a PR6 and has a lot of authority.

    Anyways, go to: and read the instructions.

    Basic information you need to add to your webesites page (can be easily done in 5 minutes):

    - contact info on the left
    - a unique description of the website (in your own words and that can't be found elsewhere on the Web) in the main Wiki section. (Tip: You can do much more than plain text here. See Wiki Editing Help for instructions.)
    - a logo at the top left (this will become another link to your site)
    - a short summary at the top where it says "click here to sum up this website"

    I always get approved for my websites and all I do is add my email as contact information, upload a logo on the top left and add a article (400-500 words). Don't use a article that isn't unique though, they won't accept you, either pay $2 for an article or write it yourself. :p

    This is a great and easy way to get a high PR contextual backlink.
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