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    Description: This reciprocal link management system quickly and easily finds relevant, high quality sites for you to exchange links with, emails the webmaster of each of those sites to request a link exchange, keeps your link pages updated and makes certain each site you've exchanged links with continues to link back to your site.

    It has a built-in FTP client and a link page generator with templates you can customize.

    In other words, it provides you with an all-in-one link manager so you can build a powerful link network that helps your sites rise in the search engine and gain free traffic!

    Here are just a few benefits this tool provides:

    * Effectively searches the Web to locate countless sites that are relevant to your own and carry high page ranks.

    * Saves you a huge amount of time by performing most of the link generating tasks for you.

    * Provides the ability to build and manage your link network using one convenient and powerful program.

    * Gives you a fast and easy method of gaining quality links that can improve your search engine rank.

    * Allows you to automatically monitor each of your link partners to make certain the link they've provided is still in place and active.

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    Thanks. Does this work better than the free reciprocal link exchanges?