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Jul 25, 2012
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I have an account with a PPD website and I was wondering if I could fill out my own surveys or would it be against the Terms and Conditions? Thanks!
It would be from a phone that is not linked with my wifi. Is this a bad idea?
It would be definitely against the Terms of that website. They would ban you if you something like that.
My question now would be how could they determine if it is you downloading your own stuff and not just some troll that is trying to get your account banned?
Well...i dont know if i should encourage you but....all i can say is: it is possible to do that and of course it is against TOS! But only very experienced people do it without getting caught. Most of the times for a slight (or bigger) boost in a month's earnings...you know... either to get over the minimum payout or for some other reasons.

But since you asked that...then you're definetly NOT ready to do it..and you will get caught and banned! So better dont try it!

PS. The proper way to do it was shared on several occasions on this very forum! And was flamed and not many people tried it or believed in it.

PPS. To my haters and flamers! I am not encouraging OP to try it! But for the sake of being objective..i answered to his question: Against TOS but possible...but HIGHLY NOT ADVISABLE!
LOL... seriously???

Pretend your an advertiser & are paying (out your own pocket) to buy leads "or downloads"... Would you want your affiliates filling out leads "or faking downloads?"

Rule to follow... If you want it to work out long term for you (affiliate)... then make it work for the one paying you (advertiser)....
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