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    I created a Website about 6 months ago as a pet project after a friend said i could earn some extra money, but real life commitments came up, i forgot about the site until i went to heck it on Webmaster Tools, and to my surprise it has has 18,943 clicks, and the files i had uploaded are being downloaded between 50-100 times a day.

    I realize this may not be much, but how can i maximize my earnings, i use linkbucks as redirects, but that only makes me pence a day, i put Ad's up with Bidversiter but that hasn't made more than $10.00, and the files that i have as downloads are only small .txt files less than 1mb meaning im not making any money from downloads, i know im doing something wrong, or not doing enough as my site is ranked on page 1 of Google on most of my keywords, yet i have nothing to show for it.

    So please if someone with any knowhow can help id be eternally gratefull.

    Thank You.
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    Well you can try a bigger PPD network like cleanfiles .