PPC What Sort Of Products Give The Best Results?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by cal1990, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Okay so ive been trying a few things out with adwords and adcenter trying to find out what gives the best bang for your buck.

    Ive been promoting a few clickbank products making around double my investment but it sometimes takes a while and a lot of trial and error and money before you hit a good converting product.
    CPA seems a little safer esecially if you go for something like dating offers.
    Ive also joined affiliate programs for web hosting companys as the payouts are remarkably high for what you are actually requesting of the targeted traffic that you are sending, and im seeing the best returns from this right now.

    Are there any areas in particular that you guys think PPC gives a particularly good ROI?
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    Keep doing what you are doing since learning to get into a powerful sales strategy is way beyond your point at this moment. If you think that any category will do well above others, then you apparently don't know or can't read THIS FACT: You need to know your audience in psychology for any product. Sales copy is BUILT ON PSYCHOLOGY. You can go read mind control marketing in the BHW download section. Starting there, you can then learn to build profits in any niche.
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    No one will share his best conventing product types, so you have to contunue with your trial/error routine. Just improve your own experience.