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    Hi All
    I've got an interview tomorrow and am preparing a presentation based on a question the interviewer has asked me to present answers to.

    The question is:
    Assess the PPC performance of brands targeting the search term 'combi boilers' looking at the advert messaging and techniques used, and identify other related keyword opportunities and appropriate budgets to compete.

    The idea is that this is making assessment on the basis that I don't have access to the Adwords account to be able to analyse the account structure and Adgroups and what they're bidding etc, so basically entirely from an outside perspective.

    Now somethings are obviouis, such as relevant keywords in Adtext, Sitelinks and also use Auction Insights to get an overview of what competition is like for certain keywords etc and from an account access point of view would be to increase Negative search terms, do Search term reports to identify keyword optimisation and types etc

    There are also so many other things that could be done to continually improve the performance but i believe the question doesn't entail covering every possible thing that could be done but to concentrate on no more than what the question requires.

    Can anyone advise what other things could be thought of that directly answers such an open ended question?