PPC and CPA. Is their money to be made?

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    Hey guys!

    The bulk of my time is spent managing my amazon affiliate websites but ive been looking take on a project on the side. After recently being accepted into Maxbounty, I have decided to give bing ads PPC a crack. After spending the afternoon researching and reading, i've decided to target the older demographic which I hear works best with bing. The four cpa offers are geared towards the older crowd and are all pay per lead email converts. Right now im trying to build a landing page (which i'm struggling really hard with btw). My question and the purpose of this thread:

    1. Is their money to be made with PPC and Cpa offers in 2016? Do they work best with pay per sale or pay per lead type offers?

    2. Any good resources when it comes to making landing pages? I was looking up fiverr gigs but majority of them look like trash.

    Thanks guys