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    What is PPAdownload.net ?

    PPAdownload.net is created for people who want to earn some extra money. I think that everyone know PPA sites (It?s site where you upload files and if someone want to download this file, have to unlock it by doing survey etc. ), PPAdownload.net is download exchange site.

    How it works / What do we do on the website?
    Upload .txt file with code, ?user? from ppadownload.net will download your file, after that it enter the code from the file on the website and it receives 1 point, ?user? can use this point to add his own link and someone will download it .

    How Do I start ?

    There is tutorial how to start earning on PPAdownload.net :

    Is there a referral system?

    Yes, for every person you invited you?ll get 10% of its? points.
    Your referral link is in ?Referrals? tab.

    How much can I earn?

    You can earn quite a lot because of three PPA sites. But mostly it depends on which country you live in. For example Countries like Uk or USA have about 50 free survey and you have been paid 1$ for each. ( You can earn a lot more if you have Dynamic IP because you can do every survey only once per IP )

    Mini Rules:

    1. It is forbidden to download by using proxy, etc.
    2. It is forbidden to enter wrong codes (if you do so you will get banned without any warning )
    3. Multi-accounts are not allowed
    4. If the link or code is not working or any other breach click the "report broken link" .

    Note! Before doing any offer clear cookies that there are no problems!

    Btw. Website started about 1 week ago so there can be some errors if you find any please contact support.

    A little tip from me : every country have a subscription mobile offers, " enter your tel. number then enter the pin that we sent to you" Firstly you don't pay for this offer instantly it taking money from your phone after 1 week. ( you don?t need to have any money on your phone ) You can do it only once per one number but you can order some free sim cards. (for example in uk you can order free sim card on freesim.o2.co.uk/unlimited/clean).
    Remember if you doing it on clean sim card don?t cancel the subscription ! CPA sites back leads for this.

    It's in 100% legal and accepted by theese PPA sites (currently Firecash, Cashbuzz and CPA - Adworkmedia which will start soon).

    My registration refflink (if you are kind to regster from it : ) ):
    Clean registration link: ppadownload.net/rejestracja.php