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If I order 10 links for 10 different sites (9 of them in the same niche), can you guarantee that each Wikipedia link to each of my sites will be on a different Wikipedia page?

Please could you PM me a price for 10?

I can indeed guarantee they will all be different pages as long as your niche isn't too small.

Since we are currently offering review pricing no additional discounts are available. The bulk price is $67 per copy. After March 1st it will be $77 a copy (normal non-bulk price is $97 a copy).
Since the links are nofollow, how does the link benefit?

Have you tried and tested to see the results on any websites?

Thank you.
Since the links are nofollow, how does the link benefit?

Have you tried and tested to see the results on any websites?

Thank you.

No Follow links still have a great deal of authority especially from a major site like Wikipedia.

I have used this method extensively on my clients website, my microniche sites and have seen some positive results from our review that was given to rakoom2002
I ordered 2 at full price you said in you thread that you will refund the difference can we apply that to another site. i have alot of sites im interested in alot of wiki links if you can do them here is my cell you can call me any time to discuss 718-954-4094 my name is mike
Hmm, just got in. Will be reporting back on my results. Hopefully they'll be good :)
Pmd you with transaction ID - no form available when I ordered.
Thanks for the purchases - you've all been added to the intake list; expected turn around time is 10 business days right now.

We are working to expand resources in order to bring down the turn around time.

Important: Today is the last day to buy at the $67 price! Tomorrow the price shoots up to $97!
Our opening discount is now over and our regular pricing has resumed.
Winchester - would it be possible to backlink to an existing post on the website? My website has to do with being "clueless" ;) and has a bunch of high quality posts you could link to from relevant wikipedia pages, I've seen competitors do something like this. Please PM me if you think this can be done and I'll send you the wikipedia pages where competitors are doing this :)
Due to major ice storms causing power outages over the past two days my offices will be closed until Monday.

For new clients this means orders will be processed on Monday.

For current clients this means that there will be a minor increase in the turn around time. I will personally work when I can over the course of the weekend to try and keep things on time as possible until my staff are back on Monday. If these extra few days is too much for you please feel free to drop me a private message so we can discuss it.

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