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    Looking for a bit of advice from the experts here.

    So someone I know has posted a video on youtube which looks funny as hell, but the title is rubbish and I reckon with proper tagging, proper promotion etc it could go viral.

    I presume if I downloaded it then uploaded to my own account it would be flagged as duplicate, so how unique does it need to be? Does adding subtitles or speech bubbles etc make it unique?

    Any ideas for monetizing a straightforward funny video? I know about monetizing niche-specific vids, but how do people make money out of funny videos?
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    Video Editing can also improve the video. Sometimes letting it run in "real time" is too boring, but over-cutting & repeating clips/sequences can be way overdone. I think you want a video that is satisfying to watch on a moment-to-moment basis, but leaves you feeling like you want to watch it again because it was so good the first time.

    Music can also add a certain necessary "something" but it can also ruin it. I've watched good videos that were ruined by bad music.

    I also think it's a mistake to place ad-sense in the video prematurely. If it won't start generating views when it's "clean", it's going to generate even less views when made clunky by the ad-sense.

    There's also a lot that can be done in terms of brightness, contrast, framing and maybe stabilization. I know the last one is difficult. People don't like to watch video that is jumping around, and cleaning up whatever noise there might be. Guess it all goes back to content. You might be looking at the video for what it contains that is positive and unique, while ignoring "trash" that might be common is also considered unacceptable to viewers when determining if the video is going to get a few hundred views vs. a few hundred thousand.

    In terms of ownership, whatever tactics you might employ vs. the original uploader(s), you can assume they will all be used against you. The cops don't care when thieves steal from a thief. If your best-case scenario is realized, you are going to have to exert a certain amount of energy defending your "turf", and you can't do that if you haven't got standing.

    So you might try to purchase the rights, or work out a contractual relationship where they collect a percentage of the profits (and not the gross). And in the contract, make certain to spell-out as many expenses as possible that are not profits, to include the value of your time in bringing the project forward. I mention this specifically because I've read posts even on this forum where people assume that the time the "working" partner spends (vs. the "silent" or "investor" partner) is of no value and is to be compensated for in the profits, which are shared. IMO this is a bad idea.

    YouTube videos with "potential", domain names, and other abstractions that might have value are dime-a-dozen. Talent that can take something with potential value and turn it into cash is what's truly rare, and I think it's a real bad idea to start off a new relationship with a contract that officially reduces the value of that talent to "0" unless and until a certain level of success is achieved. People value things by what they pay for them, and the minute you allow a contract to state your value (under any circumstance) as "0", then that is what you are worth, and that is the uphill obstacle to your success that you must overcome, and it's only there because you allowed it. So don't make that mistake, insist upon your intrinsic value and have the contract make the declarative statement that it's the intellectual property that is of unknown value, until proven otherwise.
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    re upload it, and flag the original and claim they stole it from you.