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    I just joined another forum today and can't post I guess for at least 3 days until from the time I signed up.. I was just looking around in there and in the member download section and two different people posted threads I just posted here hrs ago to there word for word. Which is okay, but the funny part is their senior members and the cb goliath I gave a long speech how it's my first share blah blah blah.. Guess I dont' even need to join that forum, I'd rather post here before any other and by the time I'd get to that forum my posts will already be there lol

    These are the threads word for word I posted here, but the screen shots are from the other forum..
    dfgs.jpg fdafda.jpg

    So I just wanna say to who ever did it, if you two are a member here, if your gonna repost my thread to another site at least change the words around it makes you sound and look like a newb lol
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    Maybe that's for the purpose of increasing his reputation in that forum. Anyways, it only shows that the one doing that only has the skills of copy-paste.