Posting, linking and my magical clickbank journey full of crap? Advise needed.

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by Prodige, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Before anybody says it.. yes I have used the search function and have done my research but I am still looking for some more detailed answers :) I am really not hoping to be spoonfed here however I would like some input from the community on how I may be able to improve my traffic and sales.
    Recently I decided to move away from mainly "blackhat" methods and try to build a more secure and steady white hat income for myself through advertising clickbank products. Due to me mainly dealing with direct traffic (like craigslist, facebook etc) I will openly admit that I have no clue about keyword research and trying to pick the goldmine from a saturated market. The problem that I am having is that I am pretty much getting no traffic (10-15 hops a day without any order form submit) and I am most likely far away from any kind of sale. Here is a few things that I have done so far:

    1) I started by picking out a high gravity product and niche that I knew would offer a high amount of searches and a market that has customers with a direct "need". I decided to start with the reverse phone lookup niche seeing how it had multiple products to promote. I now have 5 different offers that I can promote and test out to see the different conversions.

    2) After picking my niche I proceeded to try to find some more targetted sub niche keywords for this offer by using the google keyword tool. I found about 10 - 20 different keywords with 8k+ searches with low competition.

    3) Once I had my keywords I created a total of 4 websites. 1 Review website for my products that I filled with 10 unique articles reviewing my affiliate products (naturally all the articles contain the keywords that I want to targeted multiple times) and then I created 3 autoblogs that all link to each other and most importantly link back to my review website.

    4) Now that I have my websites up, I purchased domains for each website that are targetted towards my keywords and started promoting them. I am using answer assault to post question/answer combos with my keywords each and every day (waiting 2-3 days to select my answer as the best answer). Also I am writing 1-2 articles a day that I am posting to article directories with Article marketing robot.

    I started this pretty recently so I don't mind being patient but I am really just wondering what other tips and tricks you guys could give me :) any advice is appreciated
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    The biggest tip i can offer is Patience.

    Keep doing what you are doing and research even more keywords, so you cover all bases in your particular niche.

    If you have some spare cash at anytime, i would also recommend BassTrackerBoats linkpushing service

    This guy is a real good BHW member and is always around to help members.