Post VS Page, and how to grow, on amazon affiliate site

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    I through together an amazon affiliate site around half a year ago, without really knowing what I was doing, with very little content, and no SEO. It now makes about $100 a month, with about 1000 site views a month.

    I'm just starting a total revamp of the site, with the short term goal of upping the earning to $1000 a month, and the long term goal of getting $100 a day out of it. I will be adding a ton of content, before I start some major SEO. I rank anywhere between 2 and 10th on some major long tails, and within the first pages of results for the main keyword.

    I am using a wordpress site, and currently my main content is product comparison tables.

    I am going to add: Reviews, Buying guides, Tutorials and info for the main Keyword etc... (any advice on what kind of content works well for affiliate sites?)

    Currently, I have all my content on separate pages, I don't use posts at all. What is your recommendation with regard to this? Should I stick to a page format? Or are posts better for some things?