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Post Tweet Direct Ad Marketplace Choices Here

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by Shadexpwn, Sep 30, 2015.

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    Been doing some searching for popular marketplaces that payout lump sums and are reputable and abundantly secure.

    After Pay4Tweet shut off a few years ago it's been a bit sad and i've been lurking continuously since then.

    Below are a list of a few, but i'm interested in seeing some where bulk account holders can create a disperse offer for the general sponsor population to purchase.

    Keep in mind these aren't pay per click (Guaranteed eCPM) social media monetization platforms.

    - Fiverr

    - IZEA (Formerly Sponsored Tweets)

    - PaidPerTweet

    Of course affiliate programs and general CPA & mobile application offers are suitable it is exceptional that the new era of direct ad marketplace get posted here so the industry doesn't die out again.

    Where do you guys expand your asset potential and sell tweets?

    Are there any startups you seem to attempt to tap into that appear to work well for this type of market to get it back to where it was easier to handle than managing KiK media buy requests?