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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by MassiveSerj, Oct 29, 2014.

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    I have tried doing the following - to create a landing page using the Clickthroo service, and then post a link to this page in a facebook post.

    The problem is - there is no image preview popping up for this link.

    I've done some research, did the facebook debug for this link and gotten the message like: "Failed to get composer template data."

    Then I found that it looks like facebook is intentionally blocking some of the image sources to pop up in posts.

    Does anyone know how to overcome that?

    Basically what I am trying to do - is to make my link posts to attract more clicks. Would be great if the links could be embedded in the images and would run when the user clicks the image - but I am not sure how to do that either.
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    You should use Open Graph tags
    og:image The URL of the image that you want to appear when you share a link. We suggest that you use an image of at least 1200x630 pixels.