Post Count Not Working?


Apr 15, 2008
Is there something wrong with the post count? Mine seems to be stuck at 49 forever.

Was just reading the requirements for JR IP and i will never be able to do so at this rate. ;)

If you took the time to read the jr vip requirements, maybe you should have taken the time to read the rules also. Posts in Bst (now "for sale"), lounge,shit list ,member downloads do not count. You`ve been here for so long and you don`t know the rules. Maybe too much time spent in the downloads area? ;)
Thanks for the replies and finger pointing.

Sorry for pi$$n in your corn flakes there marky.
Thanks mark1993. Your reply was the first laugh I have had all day. For some reason, I am in a pissed off mood. But your 'beated' me is classic.
I don't get it either, but somehow zommzoom found a way to get another post under his belt. He is now up to fifty posts.

By the way, I haven't looked for the new requirements for JR VIP. Are they really a lot different?
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