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Apr 22, 2021
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Possibly The Best Backlinks On The Forum

Wipe Out The Competition With Our Curated Links



Yes we can offer DR filtering - just let us know via PM prior to ordering.

More good news - Our current promotion includes our already discounted bundles too.

Want to pay via Payoneer? Yes we can do this.

In the UK? We accept bank transfers in £ Sterling.

In the EU Zone? We accept bank transfers in € Euros too.

We have 3 Link packages

[100-349 Rd] @ https://na.spp.io/order/58P1GY

[400-1000 Rd] https://na.spp.io/order/58P1GY

[1000+ Rd] @https://na.spp.io/order/58P1GY

After a decade on this wonderful forum ( plus others ) learning about seo and testing countless services I've partnered up with WebMinati to bring you this awesome links service. WebMinati brings years of client and private seo and his team of staff to the table.

Possibly the best quality and quite probably the best value curated links on the forum

If you know about seo, then you know just how powerful these links are. The reason you’re on page 2 and 3 is because you haven’t added real firepower to your link building. Let us rectify that for you.

First we have the Bow & Arrow

Dependable, reliable and great to start out with. These will hit the target and start your campaign.

These links are 100-349RD, designed to get the attention of the competition.

This is one link to test drive the service. $120 is our price, but as a BHW member you get these at $90

Don't worry, we'll keep it quiet you didn't go for the Musket instead.

Next we have the Musket

Without a doubt, this offers a little more 'ooomph'

These links are going to make impact at RD 350+ and Minimum Traffic 100+ visitors/month (as per Ahrefs, although it's usually 4 times that number ) You should be paying $160 for these, but as you are on BHW, price to you is just $120

However it's fine for those who like to play at these things. We all know the real players go for the Rifle.

Finally we have the Rifle links

The top of the class, hard hitting and powerful. If you have the budget and can handle the power, then this is for you. The Rifle packs an amazing punch with 1000+RDs and plenty traffic, but it comes with a price. These super powerful links come to you at $299 usually, but you can grab a $49 saving here on BHW and these are just $250, to get the ball rolling.

However price shouldn't be a factor when you're wanting the best of the best. If you have got the balls, you need to order our Rifle and start taking on the big boys.

Too late, too late will be the cry. If you let these links pass you by.

Click the banner to go straight to our order page.

How Powerful Are Our Links?


Or how about this one?

Or how about this one

Want more?

The small print;

TAT is 28 working days, however we usually deliver these much quicker. As this is a personalized service, there can be no refunds, unless we miss the TAT. Please ensure you provide Niche, URLs and anchors at the time of ordering. We don’t send samples, nor expose our inventory. Finally, what you are buying here are links, not any guarantee in serp improvements. If your site has great onpage optimization and is free from penalties you should see great gains with these links. Keep in mind, one single link isn’t going to conquer the world, so be realistic with your expectations.

Contact; [email protected]
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Aug 17, 2013
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Hello. It's been a while. Can you please send your best coupons? Thanks.


Nov 29, 2009
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Hello. It's been a while. Can you please send your best coupons? Thanks.
Hey again! I'd kindly ask for some coupons. Thank you!
Discount and sample plz
Is it convenient to look at the sample before purchasing?thanks
Can I see some sample?

Discount code and samples sent to you all via PM, from a genuine SEO agency. We await your orders.


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It's as easy as ABC to order.
1) Place your order, we will then send you suitable sites for the link placements.

2) You choose which sites you want us to outreach to.

3) Sit back and then we'll deliver the links.

AOW 9th April.png

We are continuing with our ever popular 3 and 5 link promotions

Yes, you read that right; 5 of our 1000+ RD links for $749...


We will never be the cheapest, but that's because all our links are manually outreached. We don't sell hacked links, we don't disguise PBNs as outreached links, we don't sell links on our own sites.

For those on our email list, the latest deals will be sent Monday.

If you are not on the mailing list, PM me for the link

NO FAKE ORDERS, NO FAKE REVIEWS, NO RESOLD LINKS, NO HACKED LINKS = Just genuine links from a genuine agency.

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