Possible way to make hundreds within 1 hour -but need some simple help


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Jul 7, 2008
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Alright well here's my plan. This is very blackhat though. I've seen plenty of ads even on tv where you should text "blahblah" to this number to receive a joke every day.

Is there an affiliate program that gives us our own affiliate id text number to make people dial if they want to take part in the joke of series of questions?

If yes im sure some would pay very good commision , you could easily borrow a cellphone for 5 minutes saying you have to text your brother about whatever, then enter in your affiliate number and click send.
Then in a few weeks time you'll get a nice kick in the a**se from your brother. Owch!
well blackhat would be if u make a virus for the 3g phones n attack 200-300 3g phones everyday n make them compulsorily sign up on ring tone offers... thats lik 2 offers to each guy .... 200 phones.. $8 a ringtone...that would be... $3200 daily... :D

god knows where the conversions will come from though!! :D:D:D
What you're talking about is called SMS short codes. They range from about $500 to a few thousand a month to rent, and no there are no ringtone companies that currently offer an affiliate program like this. I've suggested it to a few of them, but they don't seem interested.

You can rent a shared SMS short code for about $100/month, but I'm not sure how effective it would be if it's not directly hooked up to the ringtone affiliate.
not so fast.....

There is a program on TV in the UK called The Real Hustle and they go about scamming people and then tell the people what they did.

One scam was to go to a business dressed as a courier and ask for a ficticious person. When they were not there you had to ask for a loan of the phone to check with head office, and when they gave you the phone you called one of those expensive numbers (that you owned) and stayed on for about 5-10 minutes.

Well long story short me and a couple of guys decided to do it for a laugh and we just phoned each other up from the office and tried to make each other laugh, one call went on for about 20 minutes and we could have been getting $5-10 a minute, so maybe there is money in this.

We then started looking at other ways to get people to give us their mobiles like saying to people we were lost and had our phones nicked etc etc

We did it for a laugh but I'm sure there is money in these things......

and to make it blackhat, just wear a black hat

make sure to outsource the "borrow a cellphone"process
could outsource the whole thing..................or just rob a bank
Why not skip the middle man and instead of borrowing the phone, borrow their wallet.
Why not skip the middle man and instead of borrowing the phone, borrow their wallet.

there is so much the wold can learn from you mightybh!

can i sell this method on dp?
Why not just steal the wallet? Grab the woman's purse? Become a mafia mob and earn money by kicking people around.

For the "borrow me your cellphone" to work you would have to be, or use someone who is innocent looking. I would only lend my cell phone for little kids or old people. You could also use a hot chick "your cell is so cool and I'm so horny can I see it?".

Just kidding, don't tell her to say that.
there is lot of hot offers with ringtones at copeac, so you should try it...

if you want i can provide you with my affiliate link and will advice you several ways to receive good money!
there is so much the wold can learn from you mightybh!

can i sell this method on dp?

Lol This Would Be One Of The Best Method On DP, To Show Your Earning Just Post Your Bank Statement......And Their ID Card :p
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