Possible Virus CRYP_MEW-11? Please Help...

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    Dec 14, 2008
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    hey guys,

    I downloaded a file today and my Trend Micro came up with CRYP_MEW-11.

    It was in a patch that I downloaded.

    Now, how do I know if this is a false positive?

    What else can I do in the future to try to protect myself besides just relying on my trend micro?

    See description below,

    Aliases: Generic.dx (McAfee), Trojan.Dropper (Symantec), Troj/Patch-F (Sophos),

    In the wild: Yes

    Overall risk rating:


    This is the Trend Micro heuristic detection for suspicious files that manifest similar behavior and characteristics as malware packed by MEW.

    If your Trend Micro product detects a file under this detection name, do not execute the file. Delete it immediately especially if it came from an untrusted or an unknown source (e.g., a Web site of doubtful nature). However, if you have reason to believe that the detected file is non-malicious, you can submit a sample for analysis. Detailed analysis will be done on submitted samples, and corresponding removal instructions will be provided, if necessary.


    What do you guys recommend?

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