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Possible to rank Youtube video in high competitive niche?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jennyxzxz, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. jennyxzxz

    jennyxzxz Regular Member

    Feb 22, 2015
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    I would like to ask if it is possible to rank a high competitive niches with competitors having max 10-15 PBN to rank their sites.

    What are some linking strategies i can build to rank my YT site? as i following BreaknBrix's advises in trying to rank my YT site in local google search. Should i just blast 10k GSA links directly? Will it works? Will it be taken down or something?

    I do not link to my website if i am spamming those properties right?

  2. diesel1

    diesel1 Senior Member

    May 22, 2013
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  3. jennyxzxz

    jennyxzxz Regular Member

    Feb 22, 2015
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  4. BreaknBrix

    BreaknBrix Power Member

    Mar 25, 2014
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    NE US
    The way I do it, it takes more time to make the videos than to rank them.

    This will be a long read but it's exactly how I do it.

    First I write a good script. Usually around 300-500 words. Not a great script. Just something that educates, motivates, talks about the benefits, social proof, credibility, then sells the service. It's really important you find a person who can talk enthusiastically. Like "Linea Sage" on fiver. She's very good. Or if you can speak well yourself just record them on your own.

    Just avoid any type of text videos with background music (they convert terribly). Also keep in mind that local voices convert better. If you live in an area where people speak with a noticeable accent, even a slight accent, that's the accent that should be using in the videos. Just more reason why I do voiceovers on my own.

    Furthermore, the way I write AND pitch my scripts is similar to article spinning.

    Like the first line will be like....

    "Hello, this is [name] and welcome to [business name] LLC".
    "If you've landed on this video chances are you need [service]"
    "Hi, if you live in the xxx area and need xxx service you've come to the right place".
    "Before you buy [service you're selling] make sure you watch this video in it's entirety".
    "Hello, I've made this video to help people avoid problems while hiring a xxx company".

    Then I do the next line...

    "Many people rush into signing contracts without researching the company they're working with".
    "The first thing I want to talk about is how to identify a good xxx company".
    "It is so important to take your time and do some research".
    "The most common problem people run into while xxx is xxxx".
    "Please use some common sense and remember not all companies are out for your best interest".

    So you write the initial script, then spin each sentence 5 times.

    It's exactly like article spinning. These sentences get read enthusiastically into a mic. I personally record them into FL Studio (you can torrent the software). Once the full script is read I open a plugin called "slicex". It comes with FL Studio and is very easy to use. All you do is find the script, click it, then slicex autoslices it into soundbytes.

    Here's a tip though. After I read a complete sentence I snap a dog training clicker. You don't have to do this but it avoids sloppy auto slicing. I keep my mouth 6 inches from the mic to keep the decibels under a certain volume. After a sentence I snap the clicker directly at the mouth of the mic. This creates a SLICE POINT. So when you click the script, you tweak the sensitivity knob and slicex auto finds those points then slices the script down into sentences.

    Then all you do is export all the soundbytes.

    Afterwards I open scrapebox. If you need a free alternative type "site:blackhatworld.com image scraper" (without quotes) into Google. There's a free image scraper on this forum. I just type in my keywords, pick a folder, then download a few hundred images.

    Now we reach the hardest part, which is building the main template video.

    You can go torrent a program called "power director 9". It's all drag and drop and very simple to use.

    I go to the library, find the soundbytes and import them all. Then I find all the images I scraped and import those.

    Then I quickly go through the soundbytes and lay out my first voiceover. Afterwards, I align relevant images to specific points in the script. If you're talking about a house, insert a stock photo of a home at that point. Talking about an inspector, insert a stock photo of an inspector. That way the script mirrors the images.

    After you get that initial template done, you're FINISHED with the hardest part (ranking is easy). You now SAVE that template and never save over that initial version.

    What you do now is render the first video. Let's say we're targeting home improvement in New York.

    Here's a list of New York towns citing the POPULATION per town: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_towns_in_New_York

    Let's pretend I live in "Erie County". I find my county on that list. Then find all the BIGGEST TOWNS in that county (based on population).

    So the first video gets named "home improvement ahmherst new york". If you can't get a list of populations, you simply use Google maps to pick all the biggest towns. Do not use Googles Keyword Planner for this.

    After the video renders to mpg4, you go back to the template.

    All I do is drag and drop 2-3 new sound byes and 2-3 new images. If you have to outsource the scripts, you can stretch 1 $5 script for about 10 videos. Just shorten the intro, outro or remove a segment from the middle.

    Now find town 2, "home improvement alden new york". Render video.

    Trust me when I say this is much easier than it sounds. After that initial template is done you're not doing any real work. I'll just turn netflix or work on something else. on As I see new videos finishing, I drag and drop, new name, render. Keep in mind YT won't be watching these videos. Customers will. As long as they promote the business in a normal way, you educate people a bit, the videos will stay up forever. The main idea is just making them "unique" for bots. I change things the way I do for reasons I'll explain later.

    The real work is in the monitoring and waiting. To render 200 geotargeted videos, expect about 3 days doing it 8 hours per day.

    You put them all in 1 folder.

    Now here's what you do. On day 1 upload 15 geo-targeted videos. Every video gets optimized same way you did the video names. Title, description and tags must have the geo-targeted "home improvement xxx new york". You can also mix up the tags like "home remodeling xxx new york". But keep the titles, description and first tag the exact name of the video.

    DO NOT upload all 200 videos in 1 day. I've never had a single video or account banned using this method. I start off with 15. Then what I do is twice a week I upload 13/12 = 25 videos a week. If you have 200 videos you should upload them over the course of 2 months.


    Very simple. You create 1 GSA campaign. Till this day I see no business owners using YT arbitrage. They have no idea how profitable it is when setup properly. So you set up that 1 campaign, then DUPLICATE IT 50 times.

    You will need a dedicated VPS for this. Don't expect to be running any other campaigns.

    After all the campaigns are duped, you go in and all you change is the video title and keywords. It should take less than 2 hours to set up the first campaign and change the 49 others.

    For primary anchor text ratio "home improvement town state" I set at 30%.
    The rest I just drop like 20%, 10%, 5%. Not really important you just need to change the keywords.

    As for the GSA article, title and content I only focus on the state. Not towns. GSA will drop in your YT links with the appropriate anchor text.

    Now you activate all 50 campaigns and let GSA run nonstop 24/7 for 4 weeks.
    You can also do 100 campaigns but I prefer 50.

    Just batch them in groups of 50-100 campaigns and keep those campaigns fired up for 4 weeks before you export / save all those old campaigns and bring in the new. You don't need any tiers for this. But you really do want a subscription to indexification. It's very affordable and saves you money & time in the form of nonindexed links. Once a day all you do is log in to GSA, highlight all the verified links in the right, pick indexification then send all the links to get indexed.

    Now, why I edit the videos the way I do.

    Let's say a YT employee ever does find your account. Then they click on 1 video, the intro says something. They click another, the intro says something else, They click the 3rd, it says something else. That person is just gonna be like "wtf" and leave your account alone. Even if they get to a 5th video chances are they'll forget what the 1st one said.

    With images, I connect my YT account to webmaster tools. So I can pick custom thumbnails. This way when people see related videos all the thumbnails are different. One could argue that you don't need to spin the images at all. But when I spin images I focus more on the intro images. So again, those first 10-20 seconds look unique.

    Truth is, you probably don't need to spin anything. I just do it cause till date I have a 100% stick rate (on my local accounts, global are different).

    From what I've learned about local over the years, youtube genuinely doesn't seem to give a shit. On my more competitive global accounts it's a different story.

    All I know is how effective it is. You will never get all 200 to rank in the top 5 of Google. But Google will randomly pick out a % of those videos to throw on page 1. You get dirt cheap traffic forever. You're the only one to get a huge thumbnail for 98% of those keywords. The traffic is incredibly targeted and qualified. It converts better than broad traffic. It's quick. This is the method I used to get into local lead generation before I even had a website. I uploaded 5 videos going after long tails with just a phone number. Started getting calls, making money, then months later decided to get a site and scale it up. Which gave me money to invest in proper SEO and growing a real local funnel.

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  5. sashablack

    sashablack Elite Member

    Jan 8, 2010
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    very interesting from above post ... need to try this as well :)

  6. randybishop

    randybishop Elite Member

    Aug 23, 2013
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    I was born a poor black child
    Thanks BB for your awesome post!
  7. jennyxzxz

    jennyxzxz Regular Member

    Feb 22, 2015
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    Thanks bb for such detailed post.. really can't express how grateful I am.. I will surely follow your steps and try it out.

    But I have some questions.

    1)As you know I am ranking local site too. But my targeted country geo area is small. I am only targeting 1 city where competitive is already fierce for my main kw. So i assume my work on YT videos will be less tedious as you mentioned above?

    Is there any advises you will give me if I am only targeting 1 city?*

    but I will try to use this method to rank my other long tail kw for my city. Since I don't think it will rank for main kw(high competitive).

    2) I do not have GSA software.. so i think I would buy from the market place instead? Is the effectiveness similar? Also, is 1 YouTube video per 10 GSA blast ok?

    Once again, thanks for your awesome post!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2015