Possible to piggyback traffic through G00gle Images?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by maineyak, Jan 7, 2014.

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    I had a photo rating site setup, it never did anything, so I moved on to the next project. Couple weeks ago, I noticed the site got some traffic, but didn't really pay any attention to it. A few days later I decided to delete the photos and posts, and I saw after I had deleted photos that one of them was at #2 in G images for a search term, that in regular serps has 641,000,000 results. I was like WTF?? I quickly used htaccess to redirect traffic from the image I had deleted to a dating site. I've since put the photo back, but I've noticed that every couple of days, the photo listed in G images links to what I think was the site I got the image from. It looks like G is somehow relating the 2 sites by one common image or something. There was NO reason for my site to make it to #2 for the term, it's just a wordpress blog that I've never done any seo to. I wonder if it makes sense to take photos from sites with PR or popularity. Whatever it is, G has somehow linked my site to the original site through the same image. Funny, with a term as popular as this, it doesn't really get a ton of hits in G images.
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    DOn't know but i get decent traffic from google images.