Possible to make US PayPal Business Account for non US Citizen?


Nov 22, 2009
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Sorry if i not in right sub forum, i am newbie here. please warn me but not ban me.

I have question, its possible to make US PayPal Business Account for non US Citizen even I can make company like LLC at US and get EIN. Can EIN replace SSN at PayPal. The agent said can, but i want to observe first because i don't want to wast thousand dollar for nothing.

If you wondering why i am not make paypal at my country, the answer is i have working with paypal almost of 2 years, and suddendly my paypal closed and they just said cause of high risk. so i plan to get new acc at us that have lower fee and more feature.
I have a US paypal account and it wouldn't take my EIN. They allow you to use 2 of 3 options to verify. I believe the options are ssn, verify with bank account, and verify with debit/credit card.

Any two of those is supposed to lift all limits. Just my bank account leaves me with a $500/mth withdraw limit.
i know of that.. but u know, some times if our paypal is new and got payment. paypal usually limit and force to put ssn. if asking address verification even via letter, i can do it. but if asking ssn, can replace with ein? another question, any of possibility how can i get banking with ein?
I was asked for letter verification, but only after they thought that a third party had tried to access my account. The ssn had nothing to do with that. That is just for removing limits (or at least it is for my account?)
before, i order an us address and order prepaid avs card and have a card banking account too. i open us paypal via windows vps. do u know, suddently after 3 month, they closed my account. the weird thing, i never login got payment or do purchase. but they suddently closed my us account :(
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