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Possible life internet changer? Just tell me if it is possible.

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Jodeh43, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Jodeh43


    Sep 26, 2012
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    I was trying to make money with facebook and amazon. So far by posting links asking people "Hey im not computer savvy could you please tell me if this laptop is good" or something like that on computer and electronics niche facebook groups. I did this a little last month and i had about 14 sales and 30 dollars the first too days. Which might not be a lot to you but since im unemployed and currently looking for a job. That is pretty good for me since it took me 2 minutes to post on 50 groups. But after the first 2 days by conversions sucked. The first 2 days my rate was around 6-12 percent and i was shocked. Because i would be rich right now if the rate was that good on Facebook. Because there are so many people on facebook to replicate this too. But after the whole week my conversion was like less than .005 percent and i never made another sale. I dont know what happened lol non of the items bought the first 2 days were related at all because i was about to say maybe it was one person that bought all that stuff. But i dont think so and the fact that i sold 14 things. Well im not a huge shopper but i dont think I've ever bought more that 3 things on amazon at one time and that is largely due to shipping. This is where my idea comes in if this works this would be huge imo. OK you know how amazon has online coupon and promo codes. I was thinking if we could possibly generate our own code for amazon and some how, just maybe incorporate our affiliate id inside the coupon code that way when someone uses the code with our affiliated id inside the code, somehow coded inside the coupon we would get the commission. I'm just thinking logically here but how many more people would buy something is they had a coupon. The coupon would act almost as a burden if it is good enough and would force someone to go onto amazon and shop especially if that person is struggling financially and needs to save money. Like i said im not a super smart person so i have no idea where to start for something like this. But i know there are some software programmers and coders on here so the question is really for those people. So if you know if this is possible or not plz let me know and how? My guess is it isnt but you never know. If not couldn't someone make a bot or tool or something that could do this?