Possible income opportunity for people in the US

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    I went to the license bureau yesterday. A guy showed me some bound papers arranged by the alphabet. They have people's names in them that are supposedly owed $, along with the amount.

    That was the 1st I've ever heard about that, so I'm guessing many other people aren't aware either.

    I'm in southwest ohio, maybe this isn't applicable anywhere else?

    Anyway, maybe someone could go there (or even better, to the local gov site or whatever that may have these books in digital format), look for the ones with the highest $ amount owed, contact the person who(m?) is owed the $, do as many of the steps your self as you can, and earn a commission for your work.

    I'm not sure what all is involved and how long it would take to receive it, or where it comes from (the guy said it could be things like a deposit from a utility company, something like that), but may be worth a shot for someone.

    The guy who was talking about it had 4 relatives in the books, and the guy I was with, was owed $60 for something.
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