Posing as people on myspace?


Dec 4, 2008
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I want to ask a hypothetical question. I did NOT do this. But what if I were to take random pics of people from their myspace and make a fake account where I would then spam ppl with friend requests from the fake account using the persons pic I stole as bait so the user would be inclined to click on the profile which would just be a promotional page for my music. If the person whose pic I stole discovered it, what legal actions could they take?

again this is purely a hypothetical question.
Or, you could save yourself the time and potential legal trouble by simply finding a photo from a free stock site.
oh no plz dont do that..I have a few pictures of mine that were "stolen" on myspace...i actually sent "myself" a friend request once...funny thing is that i didnt see any type of advertising on the persons profile..so i dunno why they took my pic..
what do you mean you people?


if you're gorgeous enough you might see yourself alot anywhere, so live with it
if you send friend requests to their friends saying something like hey i lost access to my old account but here is my new one-- then spam their friends they would be alot more likely to convert but I dont know about music promotion purposes

Its funny this guy was talking to me the other day saying how his account was hacked when he logged into a fake facebook page--- they began spamming his friends with cpa offers---

so this above idea might be a better way to go about it(since some guy was sued by facebook the other day for doing phishing and spamming)
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go to google, on the main page click on images. type sext hot teen or something and tons of pics will come up!
Man...so many myspace ideas that were working about 2 years ago. Just goog for "russian brides" and grab a pic.
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