PopWin CPV-CPA Pop-under, Pop-up & Mobile redirect advertising network

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    PopWin is a self-served CPV-CPA Pop-under, Pop-up & Mobile redirect advertising network which main purpose is to bring a standard quality between publishers & advertisers. Our main concern is the profit of both publishers & advertisers and therefore we implemented a few new options that will help our users gain more ROI with us and not waste their money on generated traffic.

    Our Benefits :

    - CPA/CPV/CPI ? Choose from multiple compensation terms
    - Pop-under,Pop-Up,Mobile Redirect ? Multiple Ad Formats,More coming up soon!
    - Fall Back URL ? To send the remaining traffic to another Ad Network
    - Anti Bot Script - Blocks all generated traffic
    - Weekly Payment - Daily for people whom earn more than $300 per day
    - Accept all websites - There?s no minimum traffic requirement
    - Websites are Approved instantly
    - Dedicated Support ? Our team is here to help you
    - Dissalow List ? To block the low converting sources of traffic
    - Pixel Tracking , S2S Tracking ? Multiple Parameters for a better targeting
    - Support Active - Receive an answer to your questions in maximum of 15 minutes (Working hours only )
    - Minimum withdraw of $20 trough Paypal
    - Direct link available
    - Manager System* -> Bring us Publishers&Advertisers,Manage them and you get 20% of their earnings + Bonuses(*This requires a skype interview to see that you?re capable of bringing quality to us )

    We're open to receive/send traffic from/to any Ad Network who agree with our terms of Service.
    For the people that want to earn a certain amount monthly,we can sign an IO with them in order to receive traffic from them for one month. The payment will be issued at the end of the month .

    Registration: popwin.net
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    Your website looks promising but your marketing strategy sucks! ( If you know, what I mean )
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    Have a country list of daily traffic before I put in the 50$ min?