PopUp which can redirect (via PHP) and show CPA depending on country?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by muchacho, Aug 31, 2012.

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    I have a PHP script that can redirect to a particular page (offer) depending on what country the visitor is from.

    So you go to mydomain.com/redirect.php and if they are from USA it'll go to amazon.com (for example) or UK to Amazon.co.uk

    So I thought I'd try and use this on a popup. If they're from US it'll show a CPA offer in the popup for Americans.

    However, when I try inputting the PHP url into the Wordpress 'Super Popup' plugin, it pops up as it should, but then just appears blank. It won't redirect and show the webpage in the popup window like it should.

    I used Windows Super Popup as it allows me to prevent it from popping up on a particular category/page/post etc, as I don't want it starting on every page.

    Any ideas would be appreciated as I think it could work well. Rather than direct everyone to 1 CPA, direct them dependent on where they're from.
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