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Populate a new Social Community with verifiable "real" User profiles

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by teabag, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. teabag

    teabag Newbie

    Apr 3, 2009
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    Business Development strategist for top consulting
    Los Angeles
    I need a similar service to what Debbie is looking for, in my case to scale-up a client's new social site and make it appear that an online outreach campaign my partner and I are running for the client is really taking off. Like the OP, I also need to have no fingerprints and total deniability in case of exposure. FYI, there will be a real on-line campaign and real users will be joining-up too - we just want to pad the rolls and provide some insurance for ourselves because this is our first gig to (hopefully) launch ourselves. In other words, if this doesn't work or blows-up in our face, we're screwed! But no risk - no reward, right? On the other hand, cost is an issue for us, because there's a limit to what might spend and to what this would be worth to us.

    Obviously I'll want to start slow and test services- so let's start with like 50 profiles. Profiles' Names, photos, IP's, Geo's, even timing of posts and log-ins based on supposed Geo of user profile all need to make sense: ie, I can't have someone whose profile says they're a 29 y/o married mom from Des Moines Iowa USA posting at what would be like 3:30am Iowa time, from an India based IP. I can only use profiles that are verifiable, best is with tracks to profiles on existing other social sites like FB or MS so the profiles look real if someone were to cross check against other sites. If everthing works-out, I'd like to scale-up to 1,000 or so "real" fake profiles (but if there's a limit to how many can be created and managed, please just say so).

    We're going to be running some sponsored giveaways and contests based on user ratings and votes, so we need to be able to deploy the profiles as necessary to make sure "the right user" wins. Actually I'd also like to be use these profiles on other sites that are giving away cash and prizes to make sure "the right user" wins those too :D. Andwhere cash and prizes are involved, fingerprints MUST be invisible.

    If this isn't possible, please just say so. Even better and more helpful would be to post what would be possible, or how close to the ideal we could get.

    Please post your replies here so that all can see/ critique them. With all due respect, I will ignore any PM's from anybody trying to sell me services that has not first posted their proposal here. I may be new to this site, but I'm not new to the the planet :smoker:.

    If your proposal makes sense to me and to any others more knowlegeable than me who might be willing to give a newbie an opinion, then I'll for sure be in touch - basically save your energy: don't PM me, I'll PM you.

    I hope I can work this out and will definitely post any results/outcomes for others to see and learn. Thanx in advance,