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Poor Man's Niche Research

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by tygrus, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. tygrus

    tygrus Supreme Member

    Mar 28, 2009
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    I don't use market samari, but was using my own way to find niches. Tell me if this is the right approach or if there is something else I should be doing.

    I first skim a site I have that has lots of niche topics. I won't disclose the site but it has thousands of topics. When I come across something out of the ordinary that I haven't heard of, I put that keyword phrase into google and see how many sites come up with the same phrase. If its say 100,000 or less, I think its something with some potential. Ideally half that amount of sites would be better.

    I then go to google keyword tool and find out how many searches there are on that keyword and any synonyms of it. Sometimes that keyword phrase is the stand out one and the synonyms are barely searched for which I think is very good. In this case, I look for something in the order of min. 10-50,000 searches a month. Sometimes, the phrase I am searching has hardly any searches, but a few of the synonyms haves hundreds of thousands of searches which I think is good as well as they have a good chance of potentially finding my site as well because its just one word off.

    Once I have my keyword topic sort of decided on, I go to backlink watch or yahoo site explorer and see how many backlinks the top rankers have. Sometimes I am amazed that these top sites have almost no links yet sit in the top spots. Sometimes the first 4 or 5 spots have quite a few links, then below that, they have under 10 each. Then I think this is a topic I can dominate with my blog and building some high PR web 2.0 links.

    Maybe I should invest in some niche tools but at the moment, this is my method. Anything I am missing or doing wrong?
  2. toxtom

    toxtom BANNED BANNED

    Aug 10, 2009
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    its the same thing you can do it with marketsamurai- but with it . it will be 10X Faster!
    Try that soft-it works wonders!
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