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Poker collusion - chip dumping advice needed.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Username3, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Username3

    Username3 Newbie

    Mar 12, 2013
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    I can not cash out $750 because they will (fairly) void those money. I`ve got a $10 free money designed only for poker games, but I had no real plan to really win anything with them since I know I am a poker fish and I would eventually lose them. So I wanted to try my luck on a video slots game, played it and won big time.

    - Only when I saw that I really made so much real money, I started to think if I really can pocket this money. So I have read their terms, and it clearly states that at the time of withdrawal they check the gameplay, and that any poker bonus money can not be placed on other products other than poker, or all winnings be voided.

    - So my only chance to have a shot at these $750 is chip dumping. Technically I can use 2 laptops to log in 2 different sites on the same network and sit down at the same table with myself from another site. I intend to play a few heads up games, and after I dump all money immediately place the withdrawal request on the site where I can cash out. As I know that site pays out really fast, in about 15 minutes. I plan to do it on a weekend and hope they`ll not check my game logs in such short time ?

    If I will get both accounts closed, I would not be too upset also as on the site where I have these $750 I never planned to play with any of my money, and for the other site where pays that fast (15 minutes) I will miss it, but I will find some replacement even this will reflect in slower withdrawal time frames (of up to 24 hours).

    - What I want to ask you, is how to do it relatively subtle and what chances (%) of pocketing these $750 do you think I have after this chip dumping ? * The poker network is IPoker.

    I think I also have to mention that the site where I plan to cash them out after chip dumping, is a site where I was only playing casino games and never played poker.

    On the other hand, I am thinking that if this chip dumping has great success %, then cant be done to exploit big deposit bonuses ?