POF No Longer Accepting New Advertiser.

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    Really ? Accounts going to sell for $$$ easily.

    This is going to be a quick, but very important update for anyone who has created a POF Ads account (https://ads.pof.com) in the past.

    POF Ads recently announced that they are no longer accepting new advertiser sign-ups indefinitely. They said that this is going to be a trial period to see if they can help existing affiliates succeed instead of bringing in new advertisers and affiliates, but to be safe, we should assume that sign up has closed until further notice.

    If you go to ads.pof.com, you?ll see that there is no longer a link for you to sign up for a new advertiser account.

    Read News somewhere else and posted here.

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    I'll sell you mine for $10k. Paypal only xD

    It's actually a good thing. They're a CPM model, which sucks for newbie advertisers. If they offered a CPC option it would lower the advertiser complaints and they wouldn't be in this mess. They want the CPM model because they get paid whether or not you make money, so good for them, bad for you. BUT, if you're a veteran and know what you're doing, CPM model is just fine.